Grandmother attends Granddaughter’s Wedding as a Virtual Guest

The bond between families at Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center continues to prove stronger than COVID-19.

As the wedding day of our loved ones is a major milestone in our lives, as well as theirs, COVID-19 has been threatening the attendance of this incredibly special day; unless you are a part of the Glengariff community.

Glengariff is proud of adding a new special event to their repertoire of virtual visits- virtual wedding guests.

As shared from the daughter of a resident at Glengariff, the day would not have been the same without her mother’s presence:

“Our daughter’s wedding would have never been the same if it was not for Glengariff Concierge Antwan Brown. My mother Maria is presently in the facility for rehabilitation post knee surgery. And based on the current orders from New York State, and my mother’s lack of social media/digital savvy, she would never been able to see her first grandchild’s wedding. But Antwan wasn’t going to let that happen.”

Antwan Brown, using his personal device, set up the FaceTime visit so Maria could interact with her family and attend her first grandchild’s wedding day as a virtual guest.

The family shared, “Difficult times cause people to do extraordinary things. And this family will forever appreciate and remember him [and Glengariff] for his kindness.”

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