“When I arrived at your facility after surgery for a broken hip and fractured left arm, I could not get in and out of bed without assistance. I could not walk or shower by myself. I am going home after five weeks of rehabilitation, able to do all of these things myself! I cannot leave without recognizing some of my favorite Glengariff staffers who helped me achieve these goals and made my stay pleasant. I will forever be grateful for these exemplary staffers who aided in my progress and recovery: Hodge, Lorena, and Ashley are three of the best nurses! Kesha, Bibi, Dee, and Sandra are four of the most supportive, helpful, and pleasant aides. Ricardo from housekeeping cleaned my room every day with a smile and encouraging words. Carlos and Jessica were the best therapists in the world! Karissa and Simone are the concierge extraordinaire, always available and helpful.” – Maggie C.

“First, I would like to say my experience was amazing from top to bottom. When I first arrived, I received a warm welcome from a member of the concierge team, and shortly after, another concierge stopped by to make sure I had a pleasant arrival. Along with the concierge team, I was greeted by my nurses, my physical therapist, the CNAs, and a member from dietary to make sure all my needs were addressed. I would like to give a special thank you to Tom from physical therapy, and Samantha from occupational therapy, along with their supporting staff. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you also to the nurses who are amazing and made sure all of my needs were met in an appropriate time frame.” – Lois H.

“My dad came from the hospital to Glengariff in need of a lot of assistance in his rehabilitation. He left here stronger than before and walking, which he was not able to do when he arrived. He has been here multiple times and always leaves with the best results. The entire staff is extremely personable, helpful, and courteous. My deepest and sincerest thanks to Glengariff and everybody there. I highly recommend this establishment, because, with a little bit of time and each person’s determination, everything gets better. I can’t thank them enough for always being there to help my dad.” – Jimmy D.

“I can remember just how nervous I was on my first day here. I am a person who is always on edge and I have a difficult time adjusting to new settings. Being at Glengariff made me feel so comfortable and I must thank the staff for making my stay this way.” – Nancy W.

“I hope I am never again in need of a hospital or rehab facility, but if I do, I would be back at Glengariff without even thinking twice about it. The rehab staff did such a phenomenal job getting me to walk again and the nursing staff was so kindhearted and warm towards me. It really did make me feel at home throughout this entire stay. I will forever remember my great experience at Glengariff.” – Carol W.

“On behalf of our family, we want to express our deepest and most sincere gratitude to the amazing staff of the Glengariff Healthcare facility. During a time of great hardship, including facing many medical adversities, you have all exemplified exceptional professionalism that assisted in easing the difficulties of the moment. The staff of Glengariff Healthcare Center has provided above and beyond services with an unparalleled amount of patience, warmth, consideration, and genuine care to assist in daily rehabilitation of my wife, Claudette Foster. When she arrived, she was paralyzed from the neck down, but now is able to sit up and feed herself, and is exhibiting stimulation in her lower extremities thanks to the efforts of your physical therapists and the excellent care provided by doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and healthcare staff. Being treated like family from individuals who did not take their duties as just a job was very heart-felt and has touched this family in ways that we believed has made a difference in her rehab progress. It is refreshing to see in this day and age that medical professionals still believe in attending to the needs of a sick patient on a deeper level than just basic services. These are acts of kindness that have not gone unnoticed and that of which we will never forget. We are forever indebted to you and your staff for the many acts of care and kindness. We would like to especially acknowledge Maxine Whyte, a kind soul who has a great impact and showed genuine love to see that Claudette Foster was well-taken care of. Both Melissa Argueta and Olivia Jackson were exceptionally attentive to all needs and progress of health updates. Finny and Charlotte were amazing therapists who used their skill to guide her towards the wellness we were praying for. A special thanks to Felicia Stewart and Granville Nelson as well for all of their assistance and kindness throughout the stay. Once again, we are beyond grateful and want to let you know just how amazing you are. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, from our family to everyone at the Glengariff Healthcare Center.”

With Great Thanks, 

Mrs. Claudette Foster and Mr. Henry Foster

“I feel like being part of a team that truly has a passion for helping others is a blessing. Being a marketer in the hospitals, I get the chance to show potential patients the comforting and successful stay they can have here at Glengariff!”

– Connie D.

“My stay here at Glengariff was excellent. The healing process was so pleasant, and I had the friendliest staff with entertaining activities throughout the day that helped me make new friends. Thank you, Glengariff staff, for making me so comfortable throughout this difficult time.”

– Bessie H.

“I really feel like I am part of a team who truly look out for what is best for our patients. I feel like patient care is prioritized and that is something special to be a part of.”

– Olivia J., CNA

“The staff here provide genuine care and always make sure to go the extra mile for me. I also enjoy attending the activities that Glengariff offers.”

– Maria P., Subacute Patient

“Glengariff is doing an excellent job at making me as conformable as possible while I rehab during this unfortunate situation.”

– Herbert H., Subacute Patient

“The staff at Glengariff have treated me with so much care and respect. The PT and OT have exceeded my expectations. I am very glad that I chose Glengariff to rehab in order to get back home and to work.”

– Dr. Dilip, Subacute Patient

“I was very skeptical to come here; however, after getting to see how friendly and warm the staff are, it made my rehab process better. I have been here for close to a month and I was not sure if I would ever walk again. With the help of the PT and OT staff, I am back to walking and doing my ADL’s as I was prior to my complicated spinal surgeries. The nurses and aids were as well phenomenal in the care that they provided. Both Teddy and Margaret gave that extra touch that made me feel comfortable on difficult days. I am very grateful to everyone at Glengariff and would recommend this facility to anyone.”

– Sandy Fentin, Subacute Patient

“The nurses at Glengariff made every day of my stay as comfortable and as pleasant as they could. They are all very attentive and caring, going above and beyond.”

– Michelle, Subacute Patient

“I just wanted to praise everyone who works at Glenfariff for being professional, kind, and for being the best staff. The actual facility is always kept clean, and is a place of relaxation. The therapy is amazing and really improved my physical condition. Thank you!”

– Bill, Subacute Patient

“Me and my family are sincerely grateful for the care your staff administered. Everyone we encountered was professional and caring. The main point is people matter to make a facility like yours a cut above the rest. We are so pleased with everyone we met from the administrator, concierge, all department heads, and all staff in general. Thank you all so much.”

– The Cipriano Family 

“Recently my mother‐in‐law recuperated at the Pratt Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Healing. She received an outstanding level of attention, care, and professionalism from the dedicated and professional staff. It was very reassuring to see that she was treated with kindness, attention, and respect as she healed. It is obvious why the Glengariff is so highly recommended.”

– Dr. Akram Boutros, Former CEO of St. Francis Hospital

“Recently, my mother-in-law and father-in-law were both in need of rehabilitation. To say that Glengariff turned a potentially difficult situation into a wonderful experience is an understatement. The level of care, compassion and professionalism was perfect in every way. In fact, it is beyond description. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, as the case may be, gave us their very best, and we now have an obligation to give them the same standard of care and respect. The good people at Glengariff clearly understand that. They get it, and they get the job done right. Incidentally, I am certainly not alone in my feelings about Glengariff. While visiting my mother-in-law and father-in-law, I met other residents receiving rehabilitation, and they expressed the same degree of appreciation and praise for the exemplary and valuable work that is done there. Glengariff came highly recommended to my wife and me, and now I know why. To all of the hardworking people at Glengariff, we say thank you, and keep up the great work!”

– John Venditto, Supervisor, Town of Oyster Bay

“I just wanted to thank you to the wonderful staff at Glengariff for taking such great care of my husband… He is doing great and will be dancing at our son’s wedding in June!”

— Glen Andruck, Total Knee Replacement by Dr. Eugene Krauss

“On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, I left your wonderful facility to continue my recovery from knee replacement surgery at home. I’d like to say a few words about my experience at Glengariff, my view and comments about your awesome staff.”

— Jay Peterfriend, Total Knee Replacement by Dr. Frank Dimaio

“My two weeks at the facility exceeded my wildest dreams for this kind of rehabilitation. The atmosphere and the staff made me feel motivated and gave me a feeling of safety and security.”

— Ronald Kagan, Total Hip Replacement by Dr. Eugene Krauss

“I want to take this time to tell you how much I appreciated the time you took to make sure my stay was as comfortable and as pleasant as it was.”

— Mitch Goldminz

“I am writing this letter to let you know that my stay at Glengariff was a pleasant one.”

— Barbara Maier

“The nurses and PT staff were great. I want to thank you all and I will recommend Glengariff to all my family and friends.”

— Angelo Mattia, Bethpage, New York

“Please express my gratitude to Glengariff and its staff. I will definitely use your services again if needed, in addition to recommending the facility.”

— Marie McGuffie, Knee Replacement Surgery

“Overall, I benefited the most from Tom and Suzanne; they give a new meaning to therapy.”

— Ann Moideen, Founder & CEO, Ann Foundation Inc.