Case Study: Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (Q2 2022 B)

Concierge Director: Karissa Chiantella
Patient’s Age: 62
Admission Date: 5/4/22
Admitted From: Nassau University Medical Center
Discharge Date: 6/29/22
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 57 days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? The social worker at the hospital

Details of experience:

Eileen was at home and had a follow-up with her PCP. On the day of the appointment, she wasn’t feeling well and decided to go to the emergency room. Her sugar was high, her legs were swollen, and her breathing was labored. Eileen was diagnosed with COPD and congestive heart failure about 12 years ago, which was 9/11-related. She also is a diabetic and suffers from stenosis. At the hospital, it was challenging to control her sugar and her breathing, and the hospital put her on 3 liters of continuous oxygen. After 8 days at the hospital, she was stable but needed physical therapy to get strong to improve her breathing and to walk.

Eileen was recommended to transfer to Glengariff for therapy. Upon arrival, it was difficult for Eileen to walk 25 feet with a rollator walker with assistance. COPD causes shortness of breath, making it difficult for her to do simple tasks. At home, she would wash two dishes and would have to sit down. She is retired, so she lacked a routine which led to her decline in function.

The patient required assistance in setting up tasks. She struggled to walk 25 feet with a rollator walker. After seven weeks of working hard with our therapy team, Eileen no longer needed to use oxygen and could walk without assistance with a rollator walker for 200 feet. She was able to bike for 20 minutes and only could do about five minutes initially. She is now independent and can perform activities of daily living tasks. With assistance from the nursing team, her sugar levels are now controlled and are at levels she hasn’t seen in years.

During her stay, Eileen made a lot of great friends at Glengariff and will continue these connections when she’s home. She stated, “Iris from Recreation made the activities enjoyable for all and really knew how to get everyone involved. Concierge services were very helpful, and I could depend on Karissa to resolve any issue or concern I had. Nina and Kristen are wonderful nurses and helped me to get to where I today. Robert and Edward from therapy also were incredible, as well as the rest of the staff. I just want to thank everyone at Glengariff for going above and beyond.”

Eileen was discharged home, and we are so proud of her and wish her the best of luck!