Case Study: Glengariff Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (April 2020)

Patient’s Age: 72-years-old
Admission Date: 11/18/19
Discharge Date: 03/29/20
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: Intermittently for 5 months
Reason for Stay: Sub acute rehabilitation secondary to syncope and collapse
How did this patient hear about Glengariff? The social worker in the hospital

Details of Experience:
Mr. Frank E. was admitted to the Glengariff Nursing and Rehabilitation center on November 18th, 2019, following a stay at the hospital due to syncope and collapse causing him difficulty walking. He arrived with numerous serious conditions including the aftermath of a heart transplant, spinal cord disease, encephalopathy, and a blood pressure disorder, which causes his blood pressure to drop when experiencing anxiety, rather than rise. This leads to an increase in lethargy, weakness, and decreased balance. Due to the serious, complicated, and varying conditions, the hospital recommended Frank be admitted to a subacute care center for short term rehabilitation. The hospital staff recommended Glengariff due to a strong reputation and a beautiful community of skilled caregivers.

Upon arrival, Frank expressed concern regarding his lack of balance, mobility, and strength. His wife, Brenda, knew she would be his caregiver moving forward, but she was concerned at the prospect, especially considering Frank was doubtful he may ever be able to walk again. She was worried to leave her husband in the community and anxious about what lay ahead. Shortly after arrival, however, Frank and Brenda began feeling more comfortable. Frank was led to his beautiful room by warm, caring individuals, and in Brenda’s own words, “The building is conducive for healing. You never get the feeling that it’s an institution. There was never a moment without a ‘Hello’ from someone. It was so warm. It was like home to him. It was like home for us.”

With the staff coming to greet them, they were both so relieved and this helped Frank calm down considerably. He could now focus on getting better, and stronger. He shared, “Love came from everybody, not just the immediate care staff. Senior staff knew the patient’s names by heart. It was nothing short of a family.”

Throughout his stay, Frank was pleased with our staff and how they took care of him. In every department, Frank could still now recall those who had worked with him to advance through his progress toward rehabilitation. “Samantha, Desiree, and Lisa were superb in Physical and Occupational Therapy. They took me the distance and I actually enjoyed my sessions!” Brenda remembers that the team was attentive to Frank’s needs. Frank stated, “They showed flexibility to work with my clinical particularities. They adjusted their strategy because of those subtle and critical needs.”

By the midpoint of his stay at Glengariff, Frank had advanced considerably. From an initial 15 feet with intensive assistance, Frank had improved to walk 125 feet with moderate assistance. As the therapy continued, Frank focused on long term goals, establishing new benchmarks for him to achieve. Frank was able to get out of bed on his own with only minimal cues and he was improving in performing the basic activities of daily living.

At the point of his discharge on March 27, 2019, Frank was able to climb 12 steps with only moderate assistance, could travel 200 feet continuously without breaks, and could turn in place successfully over 90% of the time. “Had he come home immediately after acute rehabilitation, a fall would have been a certainty.”, said Brenda. Instead, when her husband arrived at his home, he climbed the stairs at the entrance because of the care and commitment of the team. Brenda shared, “I am his 24-hour nurse. People help us, but I am the team now. The Nursing staff at Glengariff made it possible for me to survive in my role at home. Pat and Susan were two of a kind! Their little tips and skillful advice are the lessons I recall and play in my head even now. They sustain me.” Brenda vividly recalls: “When we arrived at Glengariff, Antwan from the Concierge team, walked us in and made us feel welcome. Throughout our entire stay, Daniel from the Concierge team helped us. When we left, we felt as if the whole of Glengariff walked us out into the new chapter, healthier and stronger than we ever expected.” The Glengariff Team is so honored to have been part of Frank’s healing journey and wish Frank, Brenda, and their family all the best!